Set sail for a new city

It was back in the summer of ’14 when I got my hands on the Los Angeles edition of Boat Magazine. The hazy rays that came through the window of the bar I was in seemed to go well with the dusky image on the front cover. I opened the pages and started to read. Like […]

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 Hi, honey. Yes, there is some wildlife, in a sense. No, but I’m sure they’d fill it up if we asked them. Well, it’s difficult to see past the road, but I bet there’s some lovely walks around. I know it’s in the middle of nowhere. I thought that was the idea. Look, I think you’re over reacting. […]

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Thanks for picking me up

I feel drunk, except I’ve had no alcohol, only short, bittersweet glasses of tea; ubiquitous refreshment on the streets of Istanbul. It doesn’t help, however, that I’m stood up in a Dolmus, the taxi-cum-buses that chug about the city, picking up anyone anywhere who flags them down en route. My friend, Colin and I, clutch […]

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