Under the bridge

Down by the river, beneath the motorway is a place where the sun burrows deep. Concrete pillars are its pen, and the banks the paper, on which the light draws ever-shifting shadows. Every so often, I venture down there, and try to capture what’s been sketched on the walls. Its particularly  interesting visiting at different […]

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Beneath a concrete sky

“Maybe we should call the police.” Steve shuffled down the steep incline, heart pumping while a river churned black below. “I just want to see.” He reached the gravel bank and looked carefully about. Up ahead, the canal swerved between graffiti covered columns, meeting with a shaft of sunlight that found its way beneath the […]

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 Hi, honey. Yes, there is some wildlife, in a sense. No, but I’m sure they’d fill it up if we asked them. Well, it’s difficult to see past the road, but I bet there’s some lovely walks around. I know it’s in the middle of nowhere. I thought that was the idea. Look, I think you’re over reacting. […]

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