Money Over Matter

For a brief time, the bus stopped. Infection was a roadblock, profit put on hold while life support took its place. But this was only temporary, a handwritten note pasted over that familiar recipe of make more, take more. Capital needed a vaccine, an intervention, injection, funnel it out to tax havens like it’s an […]

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Cause for celebration

As seen on CafeLit. The man waits with tender anticipation, his palms face down on the table. He wears a faint smile at the thought of what is to come but also at how things have come to be, the days, the years, turning everything mellow like a softening fruit. A smell wafts in from […]

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Tarmac Scars

I never knew you, except for what I’d read. That we’d been to the same school and your favourite colour was pink. But I got to know your tarmac scars and the bump in the road that makes the cars bounce on their way up the hill. I knew of your friends too, at least, […]

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Echoes and Edges event

One of my poems will be featured in the next Echoes and Edges event taking place on Saturday. It’s a live experimental evening of poetry recordings and musical improvisation run by two musicians. Tune in on the night from 7-9pm or have a look at their website to submit your own work.

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I sit by the skaters because the slap of their boards keeps me current, not lost to previous incarnations but present and upfront. In time with time and in tune with the limits of my worth.

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Under the Influence

A poem about one of my favourite places in the world (written for last week’s group session on the theme of isolation) Isola, glimpsed you in a pine tree picture frame where temptress waters swayed. Insolare, wrapped myself in a gown of sand, took pebbles for eyes and scrub for companionship. Solo, in your lagoons […]

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Contentment and melancholy

Today was the third session with my Time to Write group. We were tasked with writing two poems on the above themes, which I’ve copied below. I haven’t written much in the way of poetry, but I’m pleased with what I managed to produce. I had a great response from the group too! The hydra […]

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Missing you

I miss the thump of the milk jug as it comes down on the counter like a judge’s hammer. Air bubbles extinguished in return for creamy silk. Miss the floating conversations that pass about the tables, first world outrages and everyday anecdotes. I miss the handshake, backslaps, families jostling kids in laps while they break […]

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Straight On

The cycle route turned right, but the worn road carried on and out of sight behind sprawling brambles. I was curious to see where it ended seeing as the river wasn’t far away, so I carried straight on. Tarmac soon turned to thick gravel, crunching heavily beneath my wheels. Then the track ended and I […]

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Time to Write

I’m very pleased to say I have been accepted onto the Time to Write programme run by Paper Nations, a scheme to support people struggling with their writing practice. Unfortunately, writing has fallen down the list in the last couple of years as family and other commitments have taken priority. I never even considered applying […]

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